The Queen Goes Vegetarian! - The Queens Head
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The Queen Goes Vegetarian!

QHChickenWell not completely, but the first of February, The Queens Head WILL be rolling out a new Menu. Now don’t panic, all your English favorites will remain, but we are adding some really exciting new dishes. In addition to adding more sandwiches (sliders anyone?), small plate options and mini desserts, we are also focusing on adding more vegan and vegetarian choices!

“There are a growing number of vegan and vegetarians in our community. I went several years without eating meat myself and alway appreciated when a chef put an effort into creating flavorful and fulfilling options for a complete meal,” commented our owner Tracy Asalita. “Because I love to cook, I have learned ways to build flavor with spice and aromatics. Texture is also important when creating a balanced and satisfying dish, and there are ingredients and techniques that result in some wonderful dishes I hope everyone loves.”

Be sure to stop in the first week of February as we roll out these new choices. And no, we aren’t going to leave you without a couple sneak peeks!

Coming soon:

Our house-made veggie burger (this is also vegan!)

Our vegetarian eggplant parmesan

Vegetarian curry

Vegetarian shepherd’s pie

We’ll share more soon. February is going to be absolutely fabulous!