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Shine Recap: The Queenshead’s New Mural!

This year during St.Pete’s SHINE Festival, The Queenshead had the privilege of hosting a mural “the Shining Queen” by Suarezart. Not only can you still stop by to see it, but the piece also earned him the title of Open Call Winner. Read below for a recap of the festival and find out how you can get a free draft beer with your next meal at The Queenshead.

Ten Days of Celebration

It’s no secret that St.Pete is a city of the arts. On the first Saturday of every month Baum Avenue becomes a bustling hive of locally made crafts. On the second Saturday, we’ve got… well, the Second Saturday ArtWalk. And just when you think you know the Dali or the MFA like the back of your hand, they open some crazy, new installation. Even our favorite coffee shops and watering holes serve as exhibition spaces at times. At every turn, there’s inspiration to be found.

screen-shot-2017-10-22-at-10-13-17-pmRegardless, there’s one thing that makes this city standout to both locals and visitors: our murals. In case you missed it (aka live under a rock) St.Pete held its third annual SHINE Festival from the 5th to the 14th of this month. Muralists from down the street to down under turned our home into their canvas. It wasn’t just about making our city look better. It was 10 days of opening up dialogues, building community, and embracing the creative spirit of the Sunshine City.

The first weekend opened up with the DREAM BIG. BE BIG. event. It was an unavailing of a mural created by Derek Donnelly and Chad Mize along with Fairmont Park Elementary students. The project was launched to empower kids by taking part of a rare opportunity in putting together a lasting creative legacy. Then there were two Tour De SHINE which were guided bike tours that visited both new and older murals. The last one is still yet to take place on October 29th.

Finally, the SHINE Festival came to a conclusion with Outside In. It was a multi-artist exhibition in the Warehouse Arts District that featured interactive installations, electronic music artists, and local food trucks.


On the 11th, The Queenshead hosted an exhibition for Suarezart. This coincided with the artist creating the mural right front of onlookers. So who is he?

John Suarez, is an alumni of the Ringling College of Art and Design. He’s also the founder of Bradenton’s “Art in the Park.” One of the most prominent features of his work is his graphic style of art that’s both gritty as well as eloquent with his use of lines and colors. You can find that many of his pieces are inspired by comic book characters, Star Wars, video games, and Dragon Ball Z. Not only does he paint murals, but he also does sculpting, digital illustration, and drawings.

Check out the our finished mural, aka the “Open Call Winner” of this year’s festival.


Support the Arts

The SHINE Festival is just one of many great events our city hosts. We were very proud to provide an artist as talented as Suarezart, a medium, and a place to host an exhibition. And if you didn’t catch this festival well, any FoMO you’ve experienced was not in vain. But don’t sweat it. SHINE will come again next year, and St. Pete still has a vibrant arts scene all year round. That’s one of the best parts about living here. So go out there, create something magnificent…or just support local artists!

And one last thing, but for a limited time…

Get a complimentary draft beer with your next meal!